Monday, November 06, 2006

Art of Making Foochow Red Rice Wine


1kg of Red Rice
3 pcs of Wine biscuits
Blend the above together

16 cups of Glutineous Rice

Cook in the rice cooker and let them cool.

Mixed blended mixture in the cooled glutinious rice.

Scoop them into a urn.

Don't have to mix them throughly. Just agak-agak.

Remember, all the process above shall not have any moisture or water droplet in contact or else wine will taste sour or rosak. Closed the urn with a piece of white cloth. After one week, stir the fermented rice with your hand so that they blend well.

Close the urn again and let it ferment for 45 days.

The Squeezing process

Make sure all utensil is throughly dry.

Get ready bottles (no plastic) and a funnel. After squeezing, pour wine into bottles.

Kau tim. Very easy only.

Next would be a secret recipes on how to cook a sinfully delicious bowl of red rice wine mee suah.


Anonymous said...

i miss the mee suah and ang chow duck (made with the red wine residue). what do you mean by red rice and wine biscuit in your red wine recipe? never heard of them before. dying to make it for my children to experience. very far from s'wak and all things yummy. sigh!

Eric Mart said...

Does anyone know where I can get a supply of red yeast rice mail order? I scored a couple bags in a Chinese grocery store in Boston, but I live in NH. and ir is not easy to get down there.

C.J. said...

Hello everyone, I know you can find the materials (raw) or ready made in East Broadway, NY (Chinatown). They have the largest concentration of Fuchownese cuisine and materials. In Boston Chinatown, I dont think you can find these. Cheers!