Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Banting Beggar's Chicken

This eatery very pah pai wan. You must book beforehand or else they won't let you eat there cos their chicken or pork is pre-booked. They have only 4 or 5 extras for desperate walk-in customer or tapau customer.

First thing when you reach there (don't worry about your table since it is already pre-booked) must visit their "smoke house" aka kitchen.

Once you are at their door step, instantly you can feel the heat.

This is how they cook the chicken. First of all they marinate the chicken in lots of chinese herbs and seasoning. Then wrap with parchment papers before covering them with the icky mud and few layers of brown paper and place the package in hot charcoal but not the red burning type. Something like left over hot ashes for 3 hours.

Before serving to guest, they will break open the paper and mud. This is how they looks like...
The first one is pork leg and the last pic is chicken. Both is cook in the same herbs and same way and they taste basically the same. And the glutenious rice is cook in the same way too minus the herbs but they have lots of lap cheong, fatty pork and chinese mushroom in there.

The fish is a bit unique. Firstly they scrap the fish meat seperating the centre bones without breaking the skin. The fish meat is place in a blender and marinate with seasoning, coriander leaves, carrot and some tapioca starch. It was then stuffed back in the fish skin thru the mouth opening. After deep frying, they tasted exactly like fish ball.

You are surrounded by the tranquility of swamp while enjoying the delicious meal.

The dog sure knows how to enjoy the best of the last i.e. the left over chinese herbs and bones.


Anonymous said...

have you tried the beggars chicken in JB am not familiar which part coz am not from there but a local friend brought me there one time and it was excellent...although any food which is foreign to me is excellent..being the adventurous type when it comes to foreign food..i even tried eating some bugs in phuket..

would love to taste this beggars chicken find of yours in banting one of this days

Anonymous said...

Is there a number we can contact to book? I've been wanting to try this for ages.

Anonymous said...

Lucifer - I have not try the one in JB but there is another shop somewhere in Cheras. Frankly speaking, that shop is better than Banting's.

Paris Hilton - I would presume you are currently in Malaysia? Try calling this number 03-31202515

Anonymous said...

frankly speaking, de one at banting is so so la. I went there in August 2006, i still remembered the little white of his leg was injured then.

Anonymous said...

they have lots of doggiess.. which can be annoying when eating.
theres another one in ijok i think..

Jackson said...

wow... i really wish i can try one day!