Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something from Shanghai

Guess what are we having?

Steamboat? Nope! You are wrong. Try again.

Let me give you a peep as what is in the clay pot.

Duh! Told you we are not having steamboat.

Try harder.

Give you another clue. We have fresh looking lamb meat.

..... and some bright colour looking dip. It tasted like savoury peanut butter with some dried chilies.

Stop guessing steamboat. There ain't no steamboat here.

Ok. I'm spilling the beans now.

This is how Shanghainess eat their lamb. Firstly, you boil a pot of water with cinnamon stick, star anise flower, ginger and some spring onion. When the water come to a boil, pick up a piece of lamb meat with your chopstick and dip them in the boiling water. Don't overcook your meat by vigorously shaking your chopstick while holding on to that piece of meat.

Or, for some impatient eater, you can use a strainer laddle for a larger amount of quantity. Duhh, they still taste the same.

Eat the meat together with the dipping. If you are hot chili lover, take a bite of the dry chili. After you have finished all the meat, put in the chinese cabbage.

What do you do with left over dipping? Pour the remainig soup in the dipping. Stir the mixture throughly and it is as delicious as a bowl of fah san woo.


Anonymous said...

Hey... I know where I could get that.. in Bei Peng Restaurant Shah Alam. Simply authentic men.

Love the taste. :D

Anonymous said...


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Jackson said...

hohoho.. it must taste good!